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How to say thank you

Did I tell anyone that we got married two weeks ago? After 19 years. You would be forgiven for thinking that it had been a quiet, shy affair…hidden from view like a little dormouse squeak. WELL IT WASN’T! IT WAS HUGE!!!       I just didn’t blog about it.

Here’s a pic  though:

Love is in the air, and Lismore Public Hall.

and you can see the other zillion on

The day was truly scrumptuous with highlights in the form of the church ceremony with abundant singing of such a musical crowd; The twinkle in the eye of Roderick the minister; The Ken and Barby bikes (decorated by Lynn and the girls) on which we cycled from church to hall; The horse and carriage in a downpour juggling spotty umbrellas and a glass of champagne; Tom’s magnificent piping; Duncan’s gaelic song; the normally dreary hall transformed into a magical mystery world of bunting, tin can tea lights and ivy…

and this was a wedding in which so many were so involved, in the food making, hall preparations, flowers. It was a real community affair.

So how to say thank you. Well, I’ve been making thank you lampshades  for those who spent hours grafting on behalf of my love. This has become a consuming activity as I embroider and applique each act of kindness.

Thank you for the delicious dish...

I suppose, at some point, one has to return to the normality of life and I am about to do so since my delicious thank you lamp making sessions are about to expire. However, I intend to take a good few pictures  before they find lamp stands and new homes. Watch this space.

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