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Head fuzz

Swallow brooch about to migrate to a new home.

Yesterday was due to be the day that I embark on the next blind order. 5 Roman blinds for customer Mitchel, 3 bay blinds and a couple of charcoal strip blinds. However, as I began cutting the fabric it became increasingly apparent that my head, for some reason, was about as fuzzy as a mohair jumper and roman blinds need clarity and precision, especially for the calculating and cutting part. So I decided to avoid making silly mistakes and attend to long overdue accounts, admin and a few small online orders.

Sewing a Lismore nest brooch

However, today was miles more productive and the roman blinds are beginning to emerge from a sea of cream wool. Unfortunately, the light was too dim for photos but I’ll try and take a pic or two tomorrow upon which you can speculate.

night night!

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