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Dramatic skies

I kept thinking about Yorick today, working on a roof in Appin poor soul, in the midst of rotten great loaves of grey cloud with all their fat rain and hail. Of course, I meerly looked at them occasionally and took this pic when the sun broke through the cloud in front of the studio. Don’t you just love that gun metal grey and silver thing? It’s just occurred to me, this picture could make a great banner background for the Lismore crafters etsy shop (if ever we get round to doing one)

I also made a hat and two brooches for an etsy client and finally managed to cut all the rectangles for the next project: a loose sofa cover for Mary in that lovely tweed and tartan that I use for the loopy’s. 18 metres of piping done and only another 9 to go! The amount of piping needed for a moderate sofa defies belief. Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on the process for those of you interested.

Dotty Dome and nest brooch, about to be packed.

Dotty Dome and nest brooch, about to be packed.

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