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Devil’s-bit scabious

Latest blind for Kingairloch...not laminated or mechanised yet!

Latest blind for Kingairloch...not laminated or mechanised yet!

I didn’t arrive at the studio until at least 2:30 today. The morning was consumed with an activity sandwich…Bottom slice –  important phone call with lawyer. Filling -picking an abundance of out of control mint from the front garden and as many first fall apples as I could find with the intention of making mint jelly and I did make a banana cake. Top slice – meeting and discussing grants with the crofting adviser. I then cycled to the studio in scintillating sunshine, stopped briefly to check up on the children playing in the loch and managed to wriggle out of their pleads for me to swim on the basis that my stretch marks, grubby nickers and torn bra may put them off procreation for life.

Oatmeal fabric finally arrived enabling me to push on with the last three blinds. Davey courier, last seen under a pile of toppled logs has finaly recuperated enough to deliver again. I spotted a slight limp though.

Devil’s-bit scabious. What a bizarre name for a plant. How on earth did it come to acquire such a title? This is a  wild flower which peppers our meadows in August. It’s purply blue pom poms float like fat fairies among the green grasses.

I decided this was the plant that would work with the tartan strip which has a bluey, lilac, purple line. The original brief was for pink sea weed or heather, neither of which I could visualize in a blind format so DBS got the job. I’m pleased with it.

The devil's in the detail

The devil's in the detail

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