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Cutting Love

drawn and ready to cut.

Hearts for Lavender sachets: drawn and ready to cut.

Oh thank god! It’s done. All cuts complete and piled up on every available surface and now I can safely say bye bye scissors and rotary cutter, HELLO sewing machine.

Orange and stone cuts...I love this combination!

Orange and stone cuts...I love this combination!

I’ve been fretting about next week. The kids will be off school for a two week October break (two weeks! we never got that long did we?), Yorick’s up to his eyeballs in concrete blocks, uninstalled windows and young lads needing occupied…so he’ll be off the scene. So I’m going to have to juggle kids, work and entertainment. Aaaagh! There’s no two ways about it…they’re just going to have to entertain themselves for a while until this order is finished. That’s not so bad is it? I’m sure as children we used to have to keep ourselves occupied while mum and dad got on with life. In fact, children need to learn how to figure out their own fun. Listen to me trying to assuage my guilt.

Anyway, I have another nice photo for you here…little orange nests, cut and ready to be sewn onto the lavender heart sachets.

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