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Creative accompaniment

What do you listen to when you’re making?

I’ve now had a good 6 months of back to back radio 4 and really, one can only tolerate so much babble about the habits of migrating birds or the emancipation of the flapper girl not to mention the current trend of saturating the airwaves with endless stories of economic and certain doom and the darkest gloom. Enough already!

Radio 3 is fine in small doses but why insult our ear drums with so many panicked sopranos and don’t get me started on the organ recitals. Radio 2 is OK on the weekend (apart from Elaine Page and the travesty of songs from musicals) but week days…no, no. Forget radio1, I’m past it and definitely no good for concentration.

I tried Gaelic radio for a short while, felt very worthy listening to the sing song tones and excited at the possibility that I may absorb the language as if by osmosis and maybe one day know how to respond to Duncan Laggan’s Gaelic greetings without looking like a complete twit. But no, more (a lot more) comprehension was needed to sustain my interest.

I think I may have to revert back to CD’s for a while, I haven’t played Dolly for ages and Bach cello suites are always a winner and come to think of it, where’s that fantastic Diana Krall album?

Suggestions welcome!

So today NOTS orders were attended to and here they are:

Orgy of deflated animals and a brooch

Look what happened to these guys when Linda re appeared in Ambridge.

Apologies to those American bloggers who won’t have the slightest idea what I’m on about. Quick note re Ambridge, this is the name of the fictional town inhabited by ‘The Archers’ , the longest running radio soap of all time (radio 4).

Night night folks…beauty sleep needed.

x Sarah

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