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Clear Skies and Hurricanes

Last night was loud! Like being stuck in a manhole with roadworks above . That was the rain and hail and rattling roof slates and bins flying in the gail force winds.

No school for Tom this morning as a result of a tree down at Baligrundle, shed over the road at Skinny’s and another tree down at Achnacroish. We went to feed Chrystal’s sheep and birds and it turns out a Eucalyptus (yes – Eucalyptus…that’s a story for another time) is down in her garden. I feel for her coming back to that, never nice to come back to a big job!

On the other hand, this season has honoured us with at least a week of chrystal clear skies. The views have been mindboggling and my commute back from the studio was lengthened a couple of times in my desperate bid to catch the final rays of sun before they slipped behind Mull’s hills by climbing to the highest point on the island. Too late both times but the peach sherbet skies left in the sun’s wake just about make up for it.

Sun has just set over Mull

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