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CHAOS TO …less chaos.


In a frenzied cloud of creativity

There’s quite definitely a recurring theme about my life. It has to do with order and chaos and how I constantly seem to be on a quest to turn the former in to the latter be it with a hoover, sewing needle or Sage accounts.

Does everybody tangle with this issue in such a  pressing way – or is it just us creatives? You see, what I’m wondering is this. Are creative people just actually very chaotic people whose lives are consumed with the process of trying to establish some order from the bomb crater of a brain that they have been born with?

Today I felt, for a moment, the satisfaction of a task achieved, chaos calmed and commitment attended to in the preparation and completion of fabric samples for a potential client.


Fabric stitched in to cherry blossom and honesty samples

However, 10 minutes later the cycle begins again but this time with linen and Bondaweb.

Perhaps if I shuffled out of this mortal coil and found myself ever so ordered I might not feel the compulsion to create, and that fills me with dread. I wonder if this is why so few artist run financially sound

enterprises? – because they are fearful that their creative urge will drain from their brain with the onset of filing systems and storage boxes.


Stitched Samples in their File, ready to post to customer

…just a thought.


Oh so orderly!

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