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Caffeine hit!

Jeezo I’m feeling stuffed! We’ve just had friends round for dinner. Yorick and I made Brazilian black bean stew (feijuada), and Dot brought one almighty chocolate pudding with a big bowl of gooey choc sauce and I ate far too much. We also then managed to swill it down with too much red wine, more chocolate and a coffee to sober up.

Talking of coffee..I’ve spent today dressing my studio cafetiere in the finest tweed.

Coffee coat off the cafetiere

Coffee coat off the cafetiere

The brief was to make coffee cosies in the grass, leaf and berry designs. I didn’t want to make the complete smother cover type (like a taller, thinner version of tea cosies), but preferred the idea of wrap around jackets. Initially velcro was tried as a fastener but that just looked a bit clunky, so I used a button and waxed linen cord instead. This cord is fantastic. I use it for a lot of things from packaging to labels. I bought it from a basket maker friend and it has such a lovely, rigid, slightly sticky quality and will hold it’s form. So you coil the thread once or twice around the button and IT STAYS THERE! I’m very excited.

Berry coat on the cafetiere.

Berry coat on the cafetiere.

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