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Building nests in precarious places

I have been feeling jubilant and positive for weeks, months even. Certain of the juicy moment when I celebrate point 0 debt with a glass of champagne and a night out. Then I peer at the bank statement! I don’t like  them. I have to force myself to look and even then it’s usually with one eye and a sort of all over tension like one might feel peering over the side of steep ravine. This time I half thought a busy  Christmas period might have nudged me closer to financial freedom . Not so…once again some came in and a lot went out. Not on living or food or anything fancy like that. No…on fabric, interest on loans, overdraft facilities and bank charges, telephone bills and electricity, trade fair booking fees and advertising, buttons and trimmings…

I feel like a bird building a rare and beautiful nest,collecting and gathering and weaving, but I’m building on a delicate branch and every time the wind blows it falls and smashes and I need to start again and again.

I’m feeling all of this most keenly right now as I am aware that in two months time I am going to have to support the family as Yorick stops building for clients and starts building our barns. It seems as though, no matter how much money I make, even more goes out on business tittle tattle. How do I break through? HOW DO I BREAK THROUGH?

Well…enough of that and on to real nest building…


A group of nests pre cut. Looks a little like an egg carton don’t you think? Interesting effect but rather time consuming.

and in these nests I get to lay eggs and fasten them firmly in before the wind blows.

and in these nests I get to lay eggs and fasten them firmly in before the wind blows.

Apologies all for my moment of gloom. Tomorrow I will be full of cheer you’ll see. On a positive note I found an agent today who will sell my wares throughout Scotland…yip yip yipeee!

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