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Back from ‘Origin’

Well…I’m back! Far from the frantic pace of the big smoke and readjusting to island life.

‘Origin’ this year was  good for Mogwaii. I was showing only fashion items which, I think, increased the activity on the stand. I have a hunch that showing fashion and interiors at the same time can dilute the impact of the products somehow.

Tamson in a beret

Tamson in slate beret

The beret, once again was the top seller… especially the slate one with a pink flower. No pink flower shown here but this gives you a flavour of the beret .

You can buy these Beret’s at the online shop.

There were moments of utter chaos on the stand…hats and tissue paper everywhere, knocking over displays, but I’d much rather that than the hands off, sophisticated approach that you come across so much when showing interiors.

One of the most memorable moments in the show was when a couple of ladies in their 60’s passed by as a young girl was trying on a beret. They commented that it looked lovely on her but they were too old to get away with it. I quickly responded “absolutely not!”, “these berets look great on folk of all ages and I’m sure it would suit you” and encouraged them to try one on. They both refused  and wandered on. A few minutes later a very sophisticated lady in linen was trying on a beret. She must have been in her 60’s and looked absolutely fanatastic. It turned out the two ladies who had passed by earlier were watching. They approached me after the sale and tried on the hats. Not only did they look fabulous in the Beret’s, but one of the women realised she had a great head for hats and bought a very showy flower cloche conceding that I was right…they do look good on all ages…joy, more converts!

I’m thinking it would be good to photograph the hats on  models of all ages, I can think of a few island folk who would look great in a Mogwaii Beret…Hmm!

London life was pretty good fun although I’m exhausted by the end of a day at the show. Most of the time out was spent with Margo, which is always entertaining. Margo is about to launch her first shop. It looks beautiful, like a sherbet jewel and the grand opening will be on 1st November. Best of luck Margo…you’re doing great!

Wednesday evening was spent with my wonderful landlady, Sue Arnold and family in their flat in London. Dinner was excellent of course, given that Sue makes the best puddings i’ve ever encountered! They can be sampled at her husband, Ian’s restaurant, the Popeseye Steak House in Blythe Rd, Olympia.

OK folks, I’d better get on with some work. Making a huge quilt, a commission from a friend. It has got me thinking about future quilting projects. I’ll write  more about this when I have more time, but for now…



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