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Ahh for a paddle!

Gliding on a mirror.

The last two weeks have left me with little doubt that what goes around most definitely comes around. Oh yes,  my teenage strut, swagger and lip has come back to wallop me square in the face in the form of my 13-year-old son.

To be quite honest I find the comments, in the main, hilarious because they’re so bonkers and well… hormonal. However, they don’t half get you thinking about the generational divide. Yesterday I said to Tom “What do you reckon we go for a paddle today?” 

 “MUUUUM, Don’t EVER say PADDLE .  WHAT, are you trying to be COOL or something…Yeuuugh?”

“What? What am I supposed to say?” I ask with a grin slowly spreading from ear to ear.”It’s not FUNNY Mum. I mean just don’t TRY AND BE COOL ’cause you are SO not. “”Well what am I supposed to say then?””KAYAAAAAK””Oh alright then, Do you want to go Kayaaaaking?”” Uuuuugh”

 Anyway, we did go Kayaking and it was  beautiful. It was slightly marred because we coincided with a spring tide on the out  and had to carry our kayaks on a journey that would have made Shackleton proud.Apart from wet exploits and teenage banter life offers me the opportunity to make lampshades and brooches for faceless customers with interesting names.

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