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Aaaargh… Printers!

A maple sketch

Normally…NORMALLY it behaves but not today. Today is the day when I slap my forehead, grit my teeth, swear profusely and  succumb to more putrid passion than any printer deserves. It is that infuriating scenario when you know there is a simple solution to the problem but you just don’t know what it is. Oh…give me an office with technicians…just for a minute. I have abandoned the project for the time being and will focus for a short while on other things before sleep and a fresh head tomorrow.

In the meantime…here are a few of today’s sketches, the ones which I am attempting to print as part of a wedding invite.

Rucksack...don't ask!

Cello and sloping music stand with flute.

The reality is I am no graphic designer, but tomorrow I WILL figure it out.

I Will.

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