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A moment at Maison

My own little stitched world at Maison

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I had been squashed by a falling tree or swept away in a freak tidal wave up the Lynn of Lorn, but no, I have simply been swept away from my bloggericious routine by a barrage of other stuff!

Not least, preparation for a stunningly huge event in the world of interiors…Maison et Objet, held last week on the outskirts of Paris. This mammoth event is really a must see for interior designers and architects world-wide with eight vast halls packed with interior fancies of all shapes and sizes, appealing to every aesthetic whim from overt opulence to grunge. Fortunately, I was able to eek my lovely Yorick away from his work commitments to act as my chauffeur and on hand carpenter which also allowed me to take an hour or five out of my sentry duties to browse around the show. Alas, I did not have my camera with me so have no images for you, just lingering memories such as the bouncers at the entranceway of the vast and impenetrable Fendi Casa Booth. It’s a strange thing…when you start-up in business you are desperately trying to engage anyone with your work, smiling eagerly at whichever Tom, Dick or Harry happen upon your stand, but then super success blesses your business and you try to put off Tom and Dick whilst beckoning Harry. What’s all that about?

Anyhow, I’ve a few pics of my displayed work…most exciting were the five Kyoto Sliding Panels which I saw complete for the first time on the set up day before the show. Consequently I spent five days marvelling at the freshness of my own work, not having enough time for the novelty to wear off, which it inevitably does at some point, and being very immodest.

A view of the appliquéd panels.

And some detail

I was also showing three blinds and a few lamps and cushions. Most eye-catching was the back-lit wisteria blind:

Wisteria Blind

Appliqué and Cut outs offering interesting contrast and light play.

I was really pleased with the response. However it will take some time to accurately assess the success of the show. This was my poll volt into the world of commissions and out of the word of wholesale so rather than orders I have contacts, some of which could lead to very fruitful collaborations…or not, as the case may be!

Watch this space…

Making a wisteria cushion

and this cushion.

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