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Today my cutting table and I were getting very intimate…leg over, nose pressed against, lots of brushing with fabric, and so it shall continue for the next day or so until I have completed all cuts for a fairly large amount of cushions, lamps and other bits and bobs.

Ever growing pile of cuts

Ever growing pile of cuts

This collection will be sent to H. Dawson to be included in the launch of their brand new online shop to promote wool as a contemporary and cutting edge fabric. I had a long conversation with the wonderful Liz who has the unenviable task of coordinating the whole project. I can’t wait to see the shop when it’s up and running. Her choice of products is REALLY inovative and exciting ranging from quirky lamps and jewellery from Mixco to gorgeous felt bags from Hey-sign

Mixco coron lamps

Mixco coron lamps

Hey-sign shopper

Definitely a sense of Scandinavian simplicity and quality here which is just my idea of gorgeous.

But, for now I watch my pile of cut felt grow ever larger until I start to get intimate with my sewing machine. Watch this space!

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