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Pictured is a hand crafted lampshade depicting two Magpies around a nest of bling.

Magpie Lampshade

  • This unique lampshade, with its bold bird prints, hand sketched accents and glitzy buttons adds interest and vibrancy to your home and a pair of these shades look stunning on either side of a bed (I can customise symmetrical pairs). This makes a great gift for nature and bird lovers. It is hand crafted in my Scottish island studio using photographic transfer of my own bird drawings, machine embroidery, print and fabric sketching. Each lampshade is individually crafted with hand drawn and hand dyed detail. This non mechanised approach means that each shade has its own distinctive quality and may differ slightly from the photo. Due to the bulk and fragility of this item I can only ship the made lamp shade within Europe. However, you can also purchase this lampshade in a flat pack kit form with clear instructions: please message me if you are interested in this. This shade can be ordered to sit on a lamp base or hang as a ceiling pendant and can also be ordered complete with a Mogwaii log lamp base (as pictured). The lampshade has a European sized bulb ring (suits Ikea bases), however, it is also fitted with an adaptor to suit UK bases. Lampshades come in the following sizes: 20cm Diameter by 18cm Height ( Ideal for a small table lamp) 25cm Diameter by 18cm Height (Ideal for small table lamp ) 30cm Diameter by 22cm Height (Ideal for a hanging pendant or large table lamp) 40cm Diameter by 27cm Height (Ideal for a standard lamp or hanging pendant or large table lamp) 45cm Diameter by 30cm Height (Ideal for a standard lamp or statement ceiling pendant) The lampshade pictured is 30cm diameter by 22cm Height
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