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Calming, contemplative and beautifully crafted. An autumn skyscape colour washed and embroidered on a lampshade.

Autumn Shade

  • A perfect gift for all craving some zen simplicity and meditative calm. This shade has been hand crafted on the small Scottish Isle of Lismore where our inspiration comes from the wide skies, swaying grasses and ever changing light that surround us. This particular shade reflects something of our autumn surroundings. It is made by colour washing the skyscape with fabric paint and sketching grasses with machine embroidery through the laminate so as to add interest to the underside and let the light dance through the stich holes like ice crystals. The base fabric is a crisp, white cotton sateen. Due to the bulk and fragility of this item I can only ship the made lamp shade within Europe. However, you can also purchase this lampshade in a flat pack kit form with clear instructions: please message me if you are interested in this. This shade can be ordered to sit on a lamp base or hang as a ceiling pendant. Shapes and sizes: Drum - Small S(D) (D20cm x H20cm), Medium M(D) (D25cm x H22cm), Large L(D)(D30cm x H24cm), LLarge LL(D)(D40cm x H27cm), XLarge XL(D)(D45 x H29cm) Empire S(E) (Conical) - Small (Top D30cm x Bottom D35cm x H24cm), Large L(E) (Top D35cm x Bottom D40cm x H27cm) Oval - Small S(O) (Length 30cm x Depth 22cm x Height 24cm), Large L(O) Length 40cm x Depth 29.5cm x Height 27cm The lampshade pictured Small conical s(c) (upper ring 10cm x lower ring 20cm x height 24cm)
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