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Hamish MacColl detained under the influence of Lavender


As if button eyes and lanolin content are not challenge enough, now it turns out that Lavender…yes lavender must not exit our shores.

Hamish MacColl, adopted by our community nurses granddaughter, was all set to venture to the far east to a world of giant bunnies and overgrown buttercups. He was made to suffer the indignity of an airport scan and then all furore when flower heads showed up in the stuffing. I’d forgive them for thinking he was doped to the eyeballs, I mean just look at the squiffy eyes not to mention  the complete lack of motivation. However, the customs officer was dutifully informed that the suspicious substance in the stuffing was only lavender.

But apparently, lavender mustn’t venture. If anyone can tell me why I’d be delighted to know.

So poor Hamish has had to return to gloomy Manchester and goodness knows how he’s coping.

I’m going to tell you a secret now “Hamish’s brothers have been posted EVERYWHERE!”

Ignorance was bliss!

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