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All aboard the love boat!

I’m only just recovering from  Saturday night of too much party and too much whiskey (although I think I remember all of it).

Conrad was 40, reason enough to celebrate with vigour, and that we did! We arrived at Wiston lodge, a slightly crumbly Georgian mansion, at about 6pm in time for a buffet of pizza and zillions of olives and everyone was there…all these friends,some whom I hadn’t seen for years, milling and chatting and so many kids! The kids were in seventh heaven: a big enough house with a large enough posse for games like hide n seek and sardines.

Conrad’s a musician as are all his brothers and most of his friends so music was definitely on the menu. A bit of a grungy ceilidh for hors d’oeuvres, (stripped the willow with Tom) and then the Love boat big band for main course. They were fantastic, Heather and Michaela at the helm, in fine voice and glamour and Willi (drums), Conrad (bass) and a mega brass section at the rear. Sua and Robert McFall added subtle undertones with the string section.

All aboard!

All aboard!

Michaela and Heather

Michaela and Heather in fine voice

Conrad’s mega cake was made by mum Sue and we’re still eating our portion two days later. It was vast! A blue mountain range with stubby Conrad scaling the peaks.

Conrad cutting his cake

Conrad cutting his cake and link to 'Unusual suspects' on you tube, Conrad's playing bass I think

Lynne and Esther made and showed an utterly bizarre film which they had engineered with a collection of barby dolls, black sack cloth, a carrot and various other props such as a mellon, lego truck and blow up lips. It was based loosely on the being that is Conrad: ‘Marzipan man and his sidecick, Carrot’ (or something like that).

Then we jammed, sung songs, drank and caught up with news until …well it was 6.30 am before I clocked off.

So, back to work today feeling a little worse for ware…slightly tender.

I’m just about finished the Eco motives order so when it’s done I’ll take photos and give you a special show.

View as I walked to the ferry on Saturday. Just look at Ben Nevis!

View as I walked to the ferry on Saturday. Just look at Ben Nevis!

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