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A lamp base made from a log which is felled, weathered and crafted on our Scottish highland croft.

Log Lamp Base

  • Pure and simple, these lamp bases make a refreshing addition to the home with their fluid form and unprocessed nature.

    They look stunning on either side of a bed or on a work desk. The logs are cut, dried and debarked on our highland croft from mature Sycamore and sometimes Beech or Ash; a resource which we sustain with a planting programme of 1600 mixed trees and counting. Each log base is entirely unique with its own natural markings and form. Many have vertical cracks at the ends due to the drying process but they will not cause the logs to split. (see picture for example of variety). If you would like a matching pair of bases, perhaps for either side of a bed, please communicate this to us and we will choose logs which look good together. Please contact the seller if you have any special request or need more information. made from: Sycamore log, dried and debarked. Brass batten lamp holder (for bayonet light bulps UK size fitting) Gold flex (1.75 metres), white plug (3 amp) and gold lampshade switch. Each lampshade is fitted with a faux suede base pad to protect your table surface dimensions: Small - Diameter approximately 70 - 80mm (Best suited to Small lampshades, up to 25cm diameter) Medium - Diameter approximately 80 - 100mm (Best suited to medium and large lampshades (30 - 40cm diameter)) Large - Diameter approximately 100 - 1200mm (Best suited to large lampshades, 40cm diameter upward) Large and medium bases are approximately 300mm in height and small bases 250mm

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