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Lambing Live

Ours hasn’t started yet. I say ours in the community sense since our croft hogs (young sheep) are still blissfully innocent (and blisteringly fast). However, all the full time farmers are gearing up for 6 weeks of  dawn strolls, midnight midwifery and the inevitable pet lamb or four. Has anyone been watching lambing live on BBC 2? a week long  lambing marathon set in a Welsh valley farm. I first tuned in expecting some gooey, sentimentalized, urban inflected take on a very country affair, but actually, I’ve become a bit of a convert along with the rest of the island it seems. I personally have been learning a thing or two about birthing techniques and prolapses and the farmers are probably just curious to see how the comrades work it on the mainland. 

Anyhow, In my creative barn I have been birthing cushion covers for a Gallery in Cumbria.

Orange leaf and embroidered butterfly...pad free.

Same again but with a butterfly strip in the background.

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