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It’s a hard Life, but someones got to do it.

Down in the long grass watching the wild orchids emerge

The trials of designing! I just have to take a long walk in the sunshine to the Sloe patch, purely for the sake of research you realise. I lie on my back, with rare jewels of sunshine dancing upon my skin and assess the workings of the branches, leaves and berries. It’s a complicated beast which I intend to pare down and abstract for my next commission –  Sloe berry blind and curtains.

Sloe view from a sloe pace.

So sloe infact, that old men's beards have all the time in the world to grow.

Sanderson's dandelion print.An inspiration in the art of abstraction.

I have a notion to do something like the above but with sloe berry, leaves and branches.


And  in  the studio…a lampshade emerged from the sketch sample strip of the last commission.


A wee extra to go with the blind.

And a bit more of a view.

Hey listen, has anyone clocked Herbie Hancock’s tribute to Joni Mitchel.The album is called”River” and is absolutely sensational. For a lesson in total absorption watch Corinne Bailey Rae singing the title track in this video.


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